October 16, 2010

Post-apocalyptic horror – Resident Evil: Afterlife


For anyone whoӪs been wondering why, every few years, the waifish face of LӪOr̩al cosmetics suits up in skintight black ninja apparel, packs
October 15, 2010

A sharp blade and family strife — The Butcher of Baraboo at the Road Theatre

As we so seldom see plays that focus on several strong female characters, in this respect Marisa Wegrzyn”™s imperfect kitchen-sink comedy, The Butcher of
October 13, 2010

This week’s LA Weekly review – Butcher of Baraboo

Gentle readers, click on the link below to read my latest theatre review for the LA Weekly:

The Butcher of Baraboo
October 9, 2010

Art appreciation in the 21st Century

I came upon this brilliant photo on Facebook.  Art lovers viewing Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night at MoMA in New York.