October 8, 2009

Kim Kimbro’s stunning art works — Cella Gallery, NoHo

Kim Kimbro’s stunning exhibition of oil paintings, Immortal Beloved, now at Cella Gallery, is closing this weekend.
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October 6, 2009

Richard III — the bloody tragedy presented by A Noise Within

A murderous and ambitious villain with a silky, persuasive tongue, Richard III is one of the most infamous characters of classic literature. Steve Weingartner inhabits
October 2, 2009

Siren’s Feast – An Edible Odyssey by Nancy Mehagian

Memoirs have gained a bad rap lately, what with all those recent scandals involving writers who fudged and inflated the facts of their experiences in
October 2, 2009

Press Panini — a taste of Italy in Studio City

Who doesn”™t love toasted sandwiches? I love the staggering variety – about thirty choices – at my local sandwich joint, Press Panini. Generally if I”™m