March 19, 2011

Modern Mediterranean in Bev Hills – Momed

Opening mid last year is a (still new-ish) Mediterranean restaurant in Beverly Hills. The name Momed is short for modern Mediterranean, and the majority
March 18, 2011

Rowdy fun – The Comedy of Errors at A Noise Within

Accompanied by a honky tonk piano player in the upstage corner, A Noise Within”™s boisterous new production of Shakespeare”™s Comedy of Errors breathes as
March 17, 2011

A spellbinding movie with a dynamic plot – Limitless

Limitless, directed by Neil Burger, is an action drama with a sci-fi kernel lurking within its taut storyline. Handsome, blue-eyed Bradley Cooper stars as
March 16, 2011

Portraits that pulse with life — Heartbeat drawings by Sasaki

Have you ever heard your heartbeat?  Not just echoing dully through a doctor”™s slender stethoscope, but pulsing and reverberating throughout the room?