Tasty, eclectic little plates at MINIBAR

Tasty, eclectic little plates at MINIBAR


Minibar front

Went to MINIBAR last night after catching a movie. We got there around 10pm on a Wednesday night. Most people were sitting outside, but I don’t relish having my palate disturbed by traffic fumes from Cahuenga Blvd West, so we opted to sit inside. Few people were dining inside that night, but we didn’t mind. Our server seated the two of us at a decent 4-person table so we could sit side by side.

Music was cool and low-key groovy.

Funky, retro interior design – very late sixties Mary Quant! – and super-comfortable banquets.

Our server was perfectly attentive without ever being intrusive.

He suggested a special of Blackened Sea Bass on a reasonably substantial mound of butternut pumpkin puree which, while a small portion (a 3 oz triangle of fish), was out of this world in terms of oily, delicate flavour and crispy and soft textures.

We also chose a (green) curried goat’s cheese and spinach timbale that was dressed with an amazing light sauce, perhaps soy-based? Too bad they don’t serve bread with which to mop up this sauce, but they might have, if we’d asked.

We got the mini calamari which was okay but served with a delicious mango-chutney and yoghurt dip, which we needed another portion of, it was so great.

Finally, we ordered a quartet of lamb cutlets served with a dab of some sort of minty pesto and accompanied by an outstanding and chunky yoghurt, mint and apricot sauce.

I was stuffed by then (I am a bit of a light eater) but my companion, who was full too, simply had to have a dessert. He opted for the guava and mascarpone cheesecake, which he said wasn’t ‘mascarponey’ enough, but he still really loved it because it wasn’t too sweet. I didn’t much care for the heavily-cinnamoned mousse that came with it, but then again, I really only enjoy cinnamon in lentil stews… Minibar dining room

So many taste sensations. We were really impressed. We chatted with the young French chef and cleaned our plates.
As this place is on my way home, and open late, I’ll definitely be going there again. There are lots of other things on the inventive menu that I’m anxious to try. Duck confit spring rolls, anyone? Pomegranate mojitos?

Eclectic wine and beer list – selections from all over the world. Meal for two plus one glass French red wine, two bottles of Thai beer = $100, inclu tip.

3413 Cahuenga Blvd. WestLos Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 882-6965
Cross Street: Universal City Boulevard

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