Press Panini — a taste of Italy in Studio City

Press Panini — a taste of Italy in Studio City

photo by Pauline Adamek

Who doesn”™t love toasted sandwiches? I love the staggering variety – about thirty choices – at my local sandwich joint, Press Panini. Generally if I”™m gonna have a sandwich, I”™ll make a toasted ham, gruyère and pineapple one at home on my own panini maker (don”™t laugh!) The benefits of now having a place around the corner that does Italian-style pressed sandwiches is (1) the variety, (2) the convenience – it”™s a walk-up window and you can eat there or take it home, (3) it”™s great for when you don”™t have enough ingredients at home to put a lunch together and (4) um, there isn”™t a (4)”¦ BUT while the long, white French-style bread roll they use at Press Panini is great in its own way, they don”™t offer a whole wheat option at all, which is a shame.

Anyway, Press Panini offers a rather extensive menu of a vast variety of hot, pressed sandwiches – large are priced at $8.31. They do a complete meal deal of a sandwich (hot or cold) plus a side of soup, salad or chips and a 20oz drink for only $12.93.

I couldn”™t go past the classic Caprese, which is a tasty and simple combination of fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato and fresh, whole basil leaves, all dressed with a piquant balsamic dressing.
My guy opted for the classic Prosciutto with provolone cheese, tomato and romaine lettuce and dijon mustard as well as that same balsamic dressing. Mid-way through our lunch I asked for his opinion. “Can”™t talk. Eating.” came the brusque reply, but when he had devoured the lot, the comment was “Delicious!”
Best news of all, Press Panini, now serves panini-sliders, priced at $2.99.

You can choose from their seven mini panini flavours:

Salami (with provolone and swiss cheeses);
Pastrami (swiss, kraut and pepperoncini);
Cuban (bacon, turkey, ham and swiss);
Turkey Pesto (with brie and artichoke pesto;
Caprese (mozzarella, tomato and basil);
Bacon and Egg (with swiss cheese).

NEW — Angus Beef slider

With some of the choices they have, you can opt to have your sandwich cold.

They also serve these incredibly tasty soups ($3.69 for a cup; $5.54 for a 16oz bowl) – I love the Lentil and Bean – and several big salads ($9.23).

My favorite slider and sandwich is the Olive All-Over with brie and parmigiana cheese, sliced kalamata and black olives, portobello mushroom, fresh spinach leaves and olive tapenade.

photo by Pauline Adamek

Owner Andreas Krankl recently commissioned a trompe l’oeil mural which was painted on the wall next to his establishment.

Remember to return here to post a comment and let us all know how great your slider or sandwich was!

Press Panini
4389 Tujunga Ave, just S of Moorpark, Studio City.
(818) 487 2564
Open 9.00am-9pm.
Local delivery available.
Cash or Credit cards.

— review by  Pauline Adamek

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