Cal Phil – Summer Season – 2010

Cal Phil – Summer Season – 2010

Maestro Vener with the Cal Phil at Disney Concert Hall

Kicking off more than a sparkling July 4th Celebration – the California Philharmonic launches its 2010 summer season at The Arboretum and Walt Disney Concert Hall with “America the Beautiful: A Powerful Patriotic Performance.”

Grammy-award winning singer and actor Brian McKnight and pianist Bryan Pezzone will appear as guest artists.

Saturday, June 26, 2010; 7:30 p.m.; The Arboretum
Sunday, June 27, 2010; 2 p.m.; Walt Disney Concert Hall

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Summer”™s coming”¦but that doesn”™t mean Disney Hall will go “˜dark.”™

The California Philharmonic shines a light on stellar composers, including Richard Wagner and John Williams, at its summer series at Walt Disney Concert Hall, beginning Sunday June 27th, 2010, with performances at 2 p.m.

***Check the official Cal Phil website for Arboretum dates.***

Lovers of great orchestral music are well aware that Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of Southern California”™s top destinations of choice throughout the traditional, Fall through Spring season. But what many may not know – and will be glad to learn – is that the music at the world-renowned venue does not stop just because it”™s Summertime!

The program is as follows:


A Powerful Patriotic Performance Rhapsody In Blue “¢ 1812 Overture “¢ Lincoln Portrait”¨Â  Sousa Marches “¢ Appalachian Spring”¨ with singer and actor Brian McKnight, pianist Bryan Pezzone


Theatre”™s Best””From London to Rome Phantom Of The Opera “¢ Cats “¢ Evita “¢ Tosca “¢ Aida”¨La Traviata “¢ Jesus Christ Superstar “¢ Nessun Dorma  “¨with singers Angel Blue, Mathew Edwardsen, Ralph Cato and the Cal Phil Chorale


From the Cinema to the Opera House Star Wars “¢ E.T. “¢ Superman “¢ Schindler”™s List”¨Â  Lord of the Rings “¢ Wagner: The Ring “¢ The Terminal”¨ featuring Lasers by YLS, plus cellist Dennis Karmazyn and clarinetist Michael Arnold


Cocktails to Classics Hits made popular by Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett  “¨Saint-Saens: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso”¨Â  Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade “¢ Elgar: Enigma Variations  “¨featuring the song stylings of Broadway star Kevin Earley, plus violinist Daniel Shindarov


The Ninth Meets Broadway Magic Beauty And The Beast “¢ The Lion King “¢ Les Miserables”¨Â  The Music Man “¢ Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 – Ode To Joy”¨Â  Beethoven: Leonore No. 3 “¢ The Little Mermaid”¨ featuring singers Catherine Ireland, Marya Basaraba, Steve Grabe, Roberto Perlas Gomez and the Cal Phil Chorale

“Disney Hall but is not only one of the most beautiful and acoustically superior venues in the world but is easily accessible to major freeways, has convenient built-in parking and is close to major museums, great restaurants and other destinations,” says Mindy Kernc, Box Office Director. “We always suggest that patrons make the concert the centerpiece of an enriching and rewarding day trip.”

Kernc is not exaggerating when she describes an afternoon with Cal Phil as enriching. A highlight for longtime devotees of Cal Phil is the opportunity to attend the orchestra”™s “Talks with the Maestro” sessions in BP Hall at 1 p.m. prior to the concert.

“I look forward to every talk because that”™s just what it is – a talk,” says Cal Phil”™s founder and music director Victor Vener. “It”™s not a lecture. I can”™t stress that enough! The audience and I have a conversation. Ask any question about the music you wish, and I”™ll do my best to answer it and help make your musical experience even more vibrant.”

“You”™ll learn a lot,” adds longtime Cal Phil patron and Board member Grace Thompson. “Victor earned a doctorate in music performance from USC, so he knows music. But he also knows how to make music magical and fun”¦whether he”™s giving a “˜Talk with the Maestro”™ or is onstage. I sometimes wonder which is louder, the applause or the laughter. There”™s truly no experience like Cal Phil”¦as our packed halls attest.”

Subscriptions and tickets for Cal Phil at Walt Disney Concert Hall are available through Ticketmaster either online or by calling (800) 745 3000

The California Philharmonic will present its summer series at Walt Disney Concert Hall, beginning Sunday, June 27th, 2010, at 2 p.m.

***Check the official Cal Phil website for Arboretum performance dates.***

For detailed information on seating and pricing, visit the Cal Phil website or call (626) 300 8200


In 1995, Music Director and Conductor Victor Vener and a small group of enthusiastic, dedicated music lovers based in Pasadena, California founded The CalPhil Foundation. The Foundation, a nonprofit community benefit organization, supports the California Philharmonic in its quest to expand awareness of classical music, thus increasing the interest and support for great timeless music with wide audience appeal, from the classical and operatic repertoire to diverse genres of jazz, pops, Hollywood and Broadway.

Cal Phil presents twenty-four concerts per year in five different, but equally impressive, venues throughout Los Angeles County. These series include Cal Phil at the Walt Disney Concert Hall (downtown Los Angeles), Cal Phil at the Ambassador (Pasadena), Cal Phil Music, Martinis and the Maestro (Castle Green Hotel in Pasadena), Cal Phil Festival on the Green, and Cal Phil at The Mill (The Old Mill in San Marino).

— review by Pauline Adamek

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