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"Prometheus Bound" by CalArts Center for New Performance. Photo credit: Scott Groller/CalArts.
“Prometheus Bound” by CalArts Center for New Performance. Photo credit: Scott Groller/CalArts.

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A theater article I wrote for the LA Weekly is about the new production of an ancient play Prometheus Bound, now playing at The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades.

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Prometheus Bound is not your typical Getty Villa production.

A massive steel wheel will serve as the central set piece for the avant-garde version of the ancient Greek classic tragedy. Portraying the tortured Prometheus, Ron Cephas Jones will perform the entire show lashed to a small platform set in a smaller, rotating wheel that traverses the gigantic one much like a hand on a clock does. The chorus of 12 women, often speaking in unison, will climb on the 23-foot-tall, five-ton wheel (designed by Efren Delgadillo Jr.), at times mechanically setting it in motion.

The show began previews August 29 for its month-long run, and is part of Radar L.A., the international theater festival that started in L.A. in 2011 and is returning in late September.

Boasting a new translation by poet Joel Agee of the Greek classic text ascribed to the tragic poet Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound is a co-production with CalArts Center for New Performance. It’s also an opportunity for director Travis Preston, the dean of CalArts’ School of Theater, to revisit a play he directed decades previously in Poland, not long after he had worked with experimental theater director Jerzy Grotowski.

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