October 2, 2009

Press Panini — a taste of Italy in Studio City

Who doesn”™t love toasted sandwiches? I love the staggering variety – about thirty choices – at my local sandwich joint, Press Panini. Generally if I”™m
September 29, 2009

Eddie Lin”™s Extreme Cuisine – the Intense Review

Many of you avid foodblogging fans will already be familiar with Eddie Lin”™s Deep End Dining, a fascinating website where nothing is too freaky or
September 22, 2009

Scarecrow — an unsettling drama

A lonely, oppressed farm girl, on the cusp on womanhood, develops a strange fascination in the cornfields in Don Nigro”™s Scarecrow, a dark and twisted drama
September 20, 2009

Divine treats at Gelato Bar & Espresso Caffe, Studio City

Tujunga Avenue in Studio City (just south of Moorpark) is rapidly becoming LA”™s very own Little Italy (at last!), what with Caioti Pizza (the original