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Outside Mullingar


November 28, 2015
Photo by Craig Schwartz.

“Straight White Men” at the Kirk Douglas.

Three adult brothers gather at their Dad’s home for Christmas and goof around. When the youngest brother Drew (Frank Boyd) is overcome with emotion during their
November 26, 2015
Photo credit:  Marjorie Salvaterra.

“The Kill-or-Dies” – latest review for Stage Raw.

Here is my latest theater review for the critical website Stage Raw.
We recommend this fine play.
Happy reading!
The Kill-or-Dies.
Playwright Meghan Brown drops her
November 26, 2015
Photo: Buran Theatre.

Buran Theatre’s “Mammoth: A De-Extinction Love Story.”

A litany of thoughts and ideas are explored surrounding the human compulsion to join and to love, along with the various natures in our being from
November 23, 2015
Bayarma Zodboeva, Imin Tsydendambaeva, Lilia Zhambalova and Ayagma Tsybenova portray sea creatures in a contortion-balancing act  in Cirque du Soleil's "Kurios -- Cabinet of Curiosities"

Michel Laprise – writer & director of Cirque du Soleil’s “KURIOS.”

With his impish smile and boyish, childlike glee, artist Michel Laprise comes across as a fun and genial person with a vast imagination. But the creator
November 23, 2015
Photo by Michael Lamont.

Exit Review – “Outside Mullingar.”

Greetings dear #LAThtr fans!
Pauline Adamek from presents Exit Reviews, a series of ‘vlogs’ or brief video reviews, giving her first impressions of the