Geena Davis interview–The Long Kiss Goodnight

Here is my one-on-one interview with Geena Davis for The Long Kiss Goodnight, from 1996. Following a mixed reception to their first film together, Cutthroat Island, Geena Davis and husband/director Renny...

Film review: Russian torture porn ‘Sleepless Beauty’

Although Sleepless Beauty can be considered to rest firmly in the “torture porn” category, it’s not as excruciating or gory as the Saw films. As such, it falls between two posts. A teacher...

The Poetry of Strangers—a book launch in the pandemic

Poet Brian Sonia-Wallace. Poet Brian Sonia-Wallace was named West Hollywood’s new Poet Laureate last October, and he’s already off and running with the prestigious moniker. Newly launched is his first book of...

Theater review: ‘Squeamish’ streaming from the Public Theater of San Antonio

Aaron Mark's riveting play streams from the Public Theater of San Antonio in a riveting production starring Ginger Gamble Martel.

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Carlo Ponti gives back to music education

Maestro Ponti. Don’t miss the opening performance of dazzling piano artistry streamed from the stage of the Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz and featuring the Judges Award Winners of the Orange County Music & Dance School’s...

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