Theatre by the Blind premieres a new play – Decider

Theatre by the Blind premieres a new play – Decider



CRE Outreach presents a Theatre by the Blind production, Decider, written by Colin Simson and directed by Greg Shane. This new play has a special engagement of three performances only, February 24, March 3 and March 10, 2011 at Magicopolis in Santa Monica.

Report by Pauline Adamek

Decider paints a picture of a tortured artist who”™s forced to choose between individuality and conformity when he travels to a community of creative types lorded over by a ruthless dictator, known as “The Decider.”

When The Decider rises to power, his first decree is to place a ban on creativity. He enlists a tormented artist, Shadow, to carry out his final orders and take ultimate control over the community. Shadow struggles with the choice of whether to comply and gain knowledge or revolt and win his freedom. Shadow is facing a critical choice, but this time more lives than his own are held in the balance”¦
Decider is an original production by the only entirely blind theatre troupe in the United States. CRE Outreach provides the visually impaired with the opportunity to write and perform in their own original theatrical works.

Cast features: Stacey Callier, Arnette Coates , Cookie, Bert Gross, Melanie Hernandez, Leela Kazeroni, Maria Perez, Ernest Pipoly, and Tori Taite.


Thursdays only at 8pm

Opening February 24 – SOLD OUT

Tickets are available for Thursday, March 3 and March 10, 2011


1418 4th Street   Santa Monica, CA 90401

Admission: $25.00

Box Office:

Tickets available here or (310) 902-8220

Information: (310) 428-4696 or visit their site.

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