Modern Mediterranean in Bev Hills – Momed

Modern Mediterranean in Bev Hills – Momed

Momed sign


Opening mid last year is a (still new-ish) Mediterranean restaurant in Beverly Hills. The name Momed is short for modern Mediterranean, and the majority of the cuisine is eastern Mediterranean, meaning influences from Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco.

Review by Pauline Adamek

This dine-all-day place is simply fantastic!

Momed avocado hummous


The sweet smell of roasted beets greets your entrance to this airy, sunny and unpretentious little place where you place your order at the counter. The alluring pale green mountain of Avocado hummous behind the glass display case was the first thing that caught my eye. We got the three dip platter ($12.00), meaning the avocado hummous one plus a thick tzatziki and plain hummous – all were excellent. The dips were served with two smallish but pillowy, freshly baked warm pita circles, one wholewheat, one white – best I have ever had. A necessary additional serving of the pita cost $1.10.

Duck shawarma with fig confit pita wrap – insanely good and super flavorful ($14.00). Moist shredded duck spiced with cumin, oven-dried tomatoes and garlic dip. On the side is a heap of crisp, bright shredded cabbage dressed in oil and perhaps a splash of lemon.

Moma chips are wonderful – thin, soft and chewy sliced potatoes with crispy edges. They come with garlic dip and ketchup you will likely ignore.

It was all too much for me to consume (even sharing) and so 3/4 of my wrap will serve for today’s lunch.

233 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

tel – 310 270 4444


Breakfast –  Mon-Fri, 8.30am-11.30am

Sat and Sun until 2.30pm

Lunch/Dinner — Sunday-Thurs, 11.30am-9pm

Fri & Sat until 10pm

Pauline Adamek

Pauline Adamek is a Los Angeles-based arts enthusiast with twenty-five years' experience covering International Film Festivals and reviewing new Theatre, Film and Restaurants.


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