Dance Camera West presents free movie screenings, Fowler Museum

Dance Camera West presents free movie screenings, Fowler Museum

DanceCameraWest - photo by Matthew Fang


This Friday, June 17th, in the evening, enjoy a collection of eight short dance films from the U.K, USA, and Canada, presented in conjunction with Dance Camera West”™s 10th Anniversary Festival: Dance Media: An Active Spectrum.

Report by Pauline Adamek

The Fowler Museum is teaming with Dance Camera West to present a series of outdoor film screenings, free to the public, commencing at 8.30pm.

See B-boying through the forest, unsupervised children playing outside, hula-hooping, a gothic tale of psychological obsession, some tough hot dancing, beautiful art direction, a playful, ambitious, young dancer of different abilities, end of the world love stories, and dancing with dolphins.

This event is free and open to the public. Outdoor seating is on the grass, so do bring a blanket or mat.


7:30-8:30pm — Reception in the Fowler Courtyard

This Reception is free to invited guests, DCW Membership Pass holders and Fowler Museum Members.



Stronger 2010 UK  4″™
Dir. Wilkie Branson
Chor. Wilkie Branson and Joel Daniel
Two companions embark on a journey of b-boying up a wooded mountain, finding jubilance and strength in the experience.

New London Calling 2010  USA  10″™ (West Coast Premiere)
Dir. Alla Kovgan
Chor. Alissa Cardone and Ingrid Schatz
An unsupervised group of 75 children take over the entire city of New London, creating rites and rituals through playing street games. Their vibrant spirit evokes hope for the future, but also melancholy about youth culture”™s glorious past and its disappearance from the streets of American cities.Produced by Kinodance Festivals: Cinedans, Dance on Camera Festival NY.

Hoop 2010  Canada  5″™
Dir. Marites Carino
Chor. Rebecca Halls
An enigmatic character glides in and out of frame, luring spectators into her shadowy world. Through this ethereal guide, the viewer”™s perspective of the childhood toy shifts when the floor slips away, tracing mesmerizing images and breaking simplistic stereotypes about hula hoop. Produced by Bravo! FACT and DANCE MOViES Commission EMPAC.

Red Shoes 2009  Canada  10″™
Dir. Micah Meisner
Chor. Anne Plamondon and Victor Quijada
A modern, gritty adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen”™s classic fairy tale, using the old gothic tale as a basis to explore psychological possession and self-deception. Produced by Bravo! FACT.

Box 2010 Canada 5″™ (West Coast Premiere)
Dir. Ivan Rubio
Chor. Gabrielle Martin
The duet expresses control through manipulation, surrender through being manipulated, and resistance through contact and partner work.

To Fly or Fall 2009  Canada  7″™
Dir. Kathi Prosser
Chor. William Young
A couple meet on the rooftop of a skyscraper. Will they fly or will they fall? Produced by Bravo! FACT.

Hannah 2009  UK  5″™
Dir. Sergio Cruz
Hannah explores the playful ambition of a young dancer and athlete of different abilities. Festival: Cinedans

At Lunch Time: A Story of Love 2010  Canada  7″™
Dir. Brad Dryborough
Chor. Melissa Robertson
In the face of a perilous future and imminent mortality, riders on a bus throw caution to the wind to interact with one another in shocking, uninhibited ways. Produced by Bravo! FACT

Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins 2010  USA 4″™
Dir. Chisa Hadaka
Chor. Chisa Hidaka and wild spinner dolphins
Set in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean, this experimental, non-fiction short film illustrates the tender relationships forged between a human and wild Spinner Dolphin through the language of dance. Festivals: Cinedans; Amsterdam, Big Screen Project; NY, Dance for Camera Festival NY.

This event is co-sponsored by Dance Camera West.

Photo by Matthew Fang via Flickr creative commons.


Screenings: Dance Media: An Active Spectrum

The Fowler Museum at UCLA

405 Hilgard Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Friday, June 17, 2011

8.30 pm

Free program

Pauline Adamek

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