offers two types of services:

Sponsored Posts & Listings.
ArtsBeatLA offers sponsored listings, for advance posting, about one-off events, short term runs or season announcements (basically for non-review listings).
Sponsored listings are based on supplied content — text and high resolution photos.
They cost $100.00 and go live on the site within 24 hours that payment is received, via Paypal. Or you can stipulate the date you’d like the post to go live on the site, if you wish.
A once-weekly newsletter notification of all ABLA (ArtsBeatLA) posts goes out via email to my subscribers, usually on Wednesday mornings. I also send out at least one “tweet” pertaining to every post to my followers on Twitter.
Like most professional critics, I only review completed work, and I do not accept payment for reviews. Typically, when a theatrical show is mounted, or a series of artworks gain a public exhibition, or a movie is released etc., then I generally get invited to review by the PR team.
If you are seeking my critical opinion for any work-in-progress, then I charge a consulting fee. That fee includes my time (watching and appraising the piece) plus supplying a short written report / critical evaluation.
If you wish to engage my services, please click the mail icon.

If you wish to engage my services, please click the mail icon.