April 7, 2015

Le Salon de Musiques, April – “Masters Rediscovered” – Los Angeles musical concert review


“I myself consider it to be the best work I have ever written in my life…”
~ W. A. MOZART –  March 1784
April 4, 2015

LAST PERFORMANCES of “Dunsinane” – Los Angeles theater review

CLOSING tomorrow, Sunday, is Dunsinane, a stunning and creative co-production imported from Scotland that imagines a storyline that may have ensued following the conclusion of Shakespeare’s gory
April 4, 2015

EXIT REVIEW of “A Dog’s House” – an ArtsBeatLA vlog – Los Angeles theater review video

Pauline Adamek from ArtsBeatLA.com presents Exit Reviews; a new series of ‘vlogs’ or video reviews.
Here’s the newest Exit Review for the exciting and powerful
April 4, 2015

A Possible Way Forward? (or Improve, Don’t Eliminate!) by David Elzer – an open letter to the #LAThtr community

Producer, Writer, Marketing & Public Relations guru David Elzer, of Demand PR, has shared on Facebook his brilliantly composed and impassioned letter of advice re