Diana Krall at the Bowl

Diana Krall.


World-renowned jazz singer and pianist Diana Krall returns to the Hollywood Bowl on Friday and Saturday, August 11 and 12, 2017, at 8:00 PM, performing with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

With her sultry, expressive vocals and evocative piano playing, Diana Krall promises to mesmerize you with her take on the American Songbook. Don’t miss one of the Bowl’s most romantic evenings under the stars.


Thomas Wilkinsconductor

Alan Broadbentconductor


Diana Krall

Friday August 11, 2017
Saturday , August 12, 2017


Hollywood Bowl

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Tickets for performances during the Hollywood Bowl 2017 summer season are available now here, or via credit card phone order at 323.850.2000, and in person at the Hollywood Bowl Box Office.



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  • What a disappointment. I never liked Krall, but saw her as an accommodation to my wife last season when the show was produced by David Foster. Tonight’s show confirms by opinion that she is a no talent lounge singer who belongs in a Holiday Inn somewhere. Yes the Bowl is amazing, the HW bowl orchestra is amazing and Krall has surrounded herself with good musicians. And I will concede that she can play the piano. The concert was like nails on chalkboard, horrible. The venue was not full and I estimate about 20% of the audience left early. The longer it went, the worse it was. And why doesn’t the boring slog wash her hair? I feel so screwed, what a waste of expensive box seats. I will never see her again, and I recommend others avoid her like the plague, even if you think you like her. Clearly someone who got her career not by talent but by knowing and marrying the right people. Shameful, pathetic performance.

    • What a shame you found this concert to be such a colossal disappointment! It truly sounds as if you were determined to have a bad time. Seeing as you have “never liked Krall,” I am wondering what you expected? I adored the arrangements as well as her performance – a first for me. Yes, the musicians were superb.

      While I agree with you about her drab hairdo (!), I think your bitter criticism is unnecessarily exaggerated.

      Krall has nothing to be ashamed of and the near- capacity crowd was vocally appreciative.

      “Chacun à son goût…”


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