Latest review in the LA Weekly – War by Roddy Doyle

Latest review in the LA Weekly – War by Roddy Doyle

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Gentle readers, go here to read my latest theatre review for the LA Weekly,

Roddy Doyle’s War.

Happy Reading!

Review by Pauline Adamek

Pauline Adamek

Pauline Adamek is a Los Angeles-based arts enthusiast with twenty-five years' experience covering International Film Festivals and reviewing new Theatre, Film and Restaurants.


  • Quite a lame review, if you ask me. I saw the show (both of them, both Pub Plays) and I was utterly thrilled. WAR was given Critic’s Choice in the LA Times, in Backstage, and in LAist. Doesn’t that tell you anything? The show is filled with great performances, was a major accomplishment for its ensemble work, and yet all you had to say in the way of kudos was ‘passable Irish accents’? Adamek, try some Guinness.

  • Hi Marissa, Thank you for your spirited comment. You are right — a bottle of Guinness would have helped me enjoy this production more – LOL!


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