Five Elements/One World

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery presents Five Elements/One World curated by Avinger Nelson, in association with Lantern of the East, Los Angeles (LELA).

Running from October 13th until November 13th it is part of the 19th Annual International Art Festival.

Juried Artists are: Renee Amitai, Vera Armand, Vera Arutyunyan, Lisa Calzavara, Gayle Crites, Diane Destiny, Debra Dobkin, Merrilyn Duzy, Evette Goldstein,Tak Itomi, David Jang, Annelise Jarvis-Hansen, Lee Jordan, Susan Karhroody, Nancy Kniese, Theresa Lugo, Lisa Mallory, Miguel Angel Mauricio, Hiroko Momii, Emi Motokawa Sonksen, Barbara Nathanson, Rodolfe Samonte, Razmik Samvelts, Cindy Slater, Norma Jean Squires, Kathleen Umemoto, Nancy Uyemura, Vladimir Voronin, Barbara Wilson, Janice Wright and Jeanne Zinniker.

Jurors: Scott Canty, Peter Frank and Hideo Sakata

Lantern of the East, Los Angeles (LELA) is a distinctive arts organization, with deep roots in the countries of the Pacific Rim. It has a rich history of uniting visual artists in the production of exhibitions, workshops, performances and special events. A major aspect of the Lantern of the East tradition is the sponsorship of Art Camps that feature professional artists working with youth to transmit both the skills and passion for the experience of artistic creation.

UPCOMING EVENTS:                 

October 13 to 15 — 10 AM–4 PM

FREE – Art Camp for Children 
Each day of Art Camp, a group of international professional artists will teach art techniques to children on the grass outside the gallery in Barnsdall Park.

October 22 — 2–4 PM

FREE – Japanese Tea Ceremony by Nobuko Iinuma

Music provided by Yoko Awaya and Shikai Kouzan

October 29 — 1–3 PM

FREE –Nuclear Symposium: Safe, Green and Too Cheap to Meter? The Truth About Nuclear Power

Speaker: Bill Nelson, Scientist/Engineer from Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Piano music provided by Dohi Akiko and Taiko Drums arranged by Richard Fukuhara

Featured Artists: Tadashi Hayakawa, Kye Song Lee, Chiyomi Longo, Michael Moon, Hideo Sakata and Diana Shui-iu Wong



Five Elements/One World

The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

Located at Barnsdall Park

4800 Hollywood Blvd.,

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 644 6269

Exhibition dates:

October 13 – November 13, 2011


Sunday, October 16th  2–5 p.m.

Hosted by The Municipal Art Gallery Associates

Sushi provided by Chef Mako Iwai

All Events are FREE and open to the public.

Visit their official site for further information.



Gallery hours:


Noon to 5 p.m.

First Fridays — noon to 9 p.m.



Pauline Adamek

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