“Greeks 6 – Trojans 5” – Los Angeles theater review for LA Weekly

Photo by Joel Daavid.
Photo by Joel Daavid.

Hello groovy readers! This week’s theater review for the LA Weekly is of mildly amusing farce “Greeks 6 – Trojans 5,” now playing at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks.

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“Greeks 6 – Trojans 5”

Drawing on the traditions of ancient Greek comedy (masks, songs, a giant phallus) Chuck Faerber’s mildly amusing farce is a zany rendition of the siege of Troy by a crack team of dimwits.

Ten years into the Trojan war, the Greeks are still anxious to retrieve their abducted Helen from the impenetrable fortress city of Troy. A scheme involving a massive wooden horse is set into motion. Unfortunately, its hapless crew lacks a clue.

Faerber has concocted a very silly if overlong doo-wop musical play full of daffy characters, such as Smegma (George Alvarez), a psycho killer; Mucilage (a very funny Matt Shea), an anxiety-crippled private who sees the horse gig as his ticket out of latrine detail; and Sgt. Acacia (Cheryl Bricker) a no-nonsense Amazonian leader swayed by lust.

David Zurak is good as military leader Agamemnon, who adopts the disguise of Sargassus, a soothsayer delivering directives from the capricious gods. John Marzilli is very funny as tough-talking commander Megamanus and David Ghilardi is great in two roles.

Perfs are strong; the laughs, insufficient…

“Greeks 6 – Trojans 5”

Whitefire Theatre

13500 Ventura Blvd.,

Sherman Oaks;

Call for schedule; Runs through Sept. 8. (323) 960-7774

Tix here.







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