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Artwork by Jeffrey Kalban - photo by Pauline Adamek.
Artwork by Jeffrey Kalban – photo by Pauline Adamek.

Esteemed local architect Jeffrey Kalban unleashes his artist within.

“Space. That’s what fascinates me as an artist and architect. It’s what I live for.”

Jeffrey Kalban shows remarkable skill at wrapping structures around living areas—as evidenced by designs including The Getty Center South Building, classrooms at Harvard-Westlake School or the sprawling, tree-shrouded Viewpoint School campus. The latter garnered his firm, Jeffrey M. Kalban & Associates, an award from the American Institute of Architects/San Fernando Valley Chapter.

But the architect adopts a more whimsical and poetic approach with his unusually creative artworks: hand-carved, curvilinear marble pedestals and bold abstract paintings. Combining his love of vibrant color with geometric forms, Jeffrey plays with oddly-shaped canvasses, confounding the viewer’s sense of perspective.

His dynamic paintings appear to soar toward the viewer. Solid and translucent painted pieces overlap, producing new colors and altered planes. The visual experience is nothing less than-jaw dropping as one struggles to reconcile the imagery.


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This article appears in the February-March 2014 issue of Our Ventura Blvd.

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February-March issue of Ventura Blvd magazine, 2014
February-March issue of Ventura Blvd magazine, 2014






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