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“Ruff ruff!”

A cute and fun interactive eBook for little kids, is now available for download on iTunes HERE.

“The Adventures of Jack the Wonder Bichon!” was written by Pauline Adamek & Olivia Revell, and it can be read on your iPhone, iPad and/or an iPod Touch – any device that uses an ePub format – or your Kindle.

Also available on Amazon as a Kindle download HERE.

Only $1.99! (cheap!)


The author explains, “The Adventures of JACK the Wonder Bichon! started out as a little creative project to work on over Thanksgiving with my just-turned-7-year-old niece, Olivia Revell. This book was a mere seven weeks in the making, from conception to completion.”

The book’s authors, Pauline and Olivia, with Evan.

She adds,

“I had previously collected from Facebook an array of extra-cute photos of a little dog named Jack who is owned by my good friend Jenny Peters. Jack is an adorable Bichon Frisé who has a ton of personality.” The perfect subject for a kid’s book!

Fun Fact: Bichon Frisé is French for curly-haired lap dog.

“Armed with a blank sketchbook and the photos, printed on paper and cut out, Olivia and I sat down and got to work. Over the course of three mornings we assembled the photos, glued them in place and then fashioned a story around them. We took turns writing the text into the sketchbook using colored crayons. We had so much fun that Olivia was clamoring to continue each morning over breakfast. Once we had finished, we had created a simple and entertaining little picture book.

“I took some photos of the sketchbook and returned to LA.”

That’s when designer and e-book expert Ash Revell (of FrameTheWord) went to work turning the story into an interactive eBook, hand-selecting and custom designing cute sound effects to accompany each of the photos.

Fun Fact: There is a bonus sound effect on one of the pages – did you find it yet?!

The Adventures of Jack the Wonder Bichon! by Pauline Adamek & Olivia Revell is available for purchase on iTunes for $1.99.

This fun electronic book can be downloaded onto an iPad, an iPhone and/or an iPod Touch or any device that supports the iBook platform.

Also available on Amazon as a Kindle download HERE.

*First, make sure you have downloaded the (free) iBooks app onto your device.*

*Remember to turn up the volume!*


ISBN: 978-0-9888363-0-3


Printed version coming soon!






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