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Photo credit: Michael Lamont.
Photo credit: Michael Lamont.


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Without Annette by Hope Juber and Jeff Doucette.

In this tepid comedy, a motley crew of wanna-be actors, writers and comedians gather weekly at Sam’s Improv Workshop to develop their performance skills. The class is populated by the usual stereotypes and we soon get to know a bit of each of their backstories. Trevor (Andrew Villareal) is the loud and proud sassy gay barista, Donna (Angie Jaree) the self-deprecating ‘Mom’ type, Jackie (Kersten Haile) is a cute young blonde starlet while her geeky roommate Libby (Julia Morizawa) lurks in her shadow. Kyle (Kyle Klein) is a ‘emo’ teenager with issues and CJ (Gary Robinson) is a cranky former footballer, and so on. None of the actors portraying these students is particularly gifted, comedically or otherwise. There’s a loose and woefully underdeveloped plot stringing together the mostly scripted “improvised” scenes that constitute this limp two-act evening.


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Without Annette is playing Thursday nights only at the Whitefire Theatre.

13500 Ventura Blvd.,

Sherman Oaks CA 91423.

Runs through October 2, 2014.





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