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Photo by Nikki Eva Kentor.
Photo by Nikki Eva Kentor.


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Here is an intro and link to my newest theater review for the critical website Stage Raw — which contains the latest arts and theater coverage from our intrepid team of journalists & critics.

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Somewhere… by Antony J. Bowman.

Antony J. Bowman’s afterlife drama Somewhere… begins with his amiable central character, architect Michael (Josh T. Ryan), vividly describing his sudden death in a violent car wreck. Michael then proceeds to narrate the story from a state of limbo, observing his grief-stricken wife and best-friend colleagues during his wake and making wry observations throughout. It’s a nice dramatic device that, for the most part, works well. But unfortunately this poignant play lacks dramatic heft. The story basically meanders over the course of a long boozy evening through to the following morning. The cliffhanger reveal at the end of Act One comes as no surprise; it’s not overly signaled, it’s just a little too obvious. The inevitable climactic confrontations lack the momentum of well-orchestrated dramatic tension, something that a more experienced director (granted, Jeanie Drynan is a well-known and highly experienced actor) would have knocked into shape.

Nevertheless, Drynan shows her strengths in eliciting fine performances from her superb cast of six.

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Somewhere…  by Antony J. Bowman.

Meta Theatre on Melrose, 7801 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles 90046

Run through October 26, 2014.

Fri & Sat at 8pm, Sun at 7pm.








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