“Stardust” at the Sassafras

The retro-styled, shabby chic Sassafras Saloon on Vine, with its New Orleans vibe and cluttered decor, has been transformed into a mythic hotel location—the Hotel Dion—for this immersive theater experience.

Stardust is presented by design company Alterea, Inc. This live and interactive theatrical show offers participants an opportunity to engage directly with the diverse cast and explore themes of transformation, dreams, and sacrifice.

Part Hotel California, part Mardi Gras masquerade, and with a touch of magic realism, Stardust is an intimate co-creative experience between over 20 live actors and an audience of up to 120 participants each night, each reflecting on what dreams they’re chasing – and what they might have to give up to get them. With several branching quest lines and a multitude of potential endings, every show is guaranteed to be a different experience.

From the press release.

The idea is to take a quick quiz, using the QR code provided, that will help guide you to select a performer to follow. The quirky venue, with its various rooms and levels, is perfect for exploring. The Hotel Dion holds many secrets, some of which can be accessed by its patrons if you divine the right questions to ask.

Paulie Porter, the hotel’s lounge singer, launches the evening’s festivities. There’s some mystery involving Attica, the hotel’s Architect, and her successor. After years of meticulous planning, the Architect has finally opened the Hotel.⁣

Guests are encouraged to unravel the mysteries of the Hotel Dion and assist the venue’s masked characters to uncover their murky past as the night unfolds. There’s plenty of spectacle as you watch dance and musical performances, converse with other patrons at the bar, explore mysterious rooms, and solve puzzles.

The show attempts to create a mosaic of interactions that form a story about the dreams we chase, the obstacles that stand in our way, and the choices we make. ⁣⁣The whole thing feels fairly chaotic, but is still an intriguing experience.

To ease you along with your journey, ten specialty cocktails are on offer. Regular guests of Stardust will receive one cocktail voucher per ticket purchase, and VIP holders will receive two. They serve the drinks quite strong here and the food coming out of the kitchen may take some time to arrive but is tasty once it gets there.


Sassafras Saloon

1233 Vine St,

Los Angeles, CA 90038


November 3—20, 2022 (every Thursday, Friday and Sunday)

Time: 7-9pm

Purchase tickets here.

Stardust Cast:

Areeta Asgharzadeh—Attica the Architect

Naomi Melville—Iris

MC Smitherman —Nicodemus the Concierge

Ariana Gabier—Lila the Maid

Connor J O’Brien—Cade the Bellhop

Michaela Skaribas—Maria

Allyse Besne—Rose

Socks Whitmore—Malachite

Charly Charney Cohen—Nocturne the Moon

Ibrahim Ahmed—Leo

Sebastian Rohn—Casey

Thomas Colglazier—Arthur

Audra Magness —Nix

Ky Mullen—River

Ariel Zhou—Yiren

Charlotte Galbreath—Carrie

Adam Hassan—Ernest

Haven Schneider—Alice

Vicente Saintignon—Madame Del Sol

Logan Shane—Thorne

Megan Gladden—Sora the Caretaker

Demetri Bouzos—Paulie the Lounge Singer

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