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Flash Theatre L.A. launches on Tuesday

no venue no schedule no charge   That’s the motto for Flash Theater L.A. – a new theatrical venture being produced by Playwrights’ Arena.   Flash Theater L.A. is a hybrid of flash mob and site-specific theater...

NoHo Taco Cook-off Competition

The NoHo Taco Cook-off Competition is happening at the Sears store, in North Hollywood, on Saturday, September 24th. Join in for this lively family event, featuring 20 local contestants competing for prizes and the...

A Doll House – L.A. Theatre Works

This month L.A. Theatre Works moves to its new venue at the James Bridges Theater on the campus of UCLA. They’re opening their 2011-12 season with Henrik Ibsen’s classic play A Doll House* (translated by Rolf Fjelde)...

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