Cella Gallery, NoHo, is One Year Old

Cella Gallery, NoHo, is One Year Old

McKenzie Alexander and (r) Shannon Currie Holmes
The NoHo Arts District, on and around Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, is a one-square-mile neighborhood with over twenty established theaters, dance studios, recording studios, art galleries and restaurants. Tucked within this eclectic pocket you”™ll find Cella Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery owned and managed by partners McKenzie Alexander and Shannon Currie Holmes.

Since opening their doors just over a year ago, the pair of art lovers has been committed to nurturing the local creative community. Presenting new exhibits approximately every five-six weeks, they also stage special events, such as Music Nights and Artist Salons, all focused on developing the careers of both their established and emerging artists.

Nurturing an incredibly talented and diverse group of artists, Cella Gallery has managed not only to survive a somewhat tumultuous year of change, but to thrive within it. Now moving into their second year, they took a look back with ART in REVIEW, their first annual Summer Group Exhibit. ART in REVIEW features an ever- changing selection of art by some of Cella Gallery”™s most popular and successful artists of the past year.

As to be expected, this group show is a diverse one. A vast range of techniques and subjects means that pretty well anyone who visits this small gallery should find something to delight the eye.

Cella Gallery opening - photo by Daniella Hovsepian

Blurring the border between representation and abstraction, Miguel Osuna”™s landscapes are momentary glimpses or suggestions of familiar vistas. Reminiscent of photographs taken from a moving vehicle, his paintings are like beautiful snapshots or ethereal dreams of the enchanting “˜distopia”™ that is Southern California. Osuna is widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent Latin artists working today. He has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout North America and Europe. This is Osuna”™s second show with Cella Gallery.

The first sales of the evening were the small and affordably-priced works on brushed aluminum by Stephan Canthal. These photographs appear to capture a moment of movement and freeze it onto metal, updating contemporary photography in a fresh and unexpected way.

On view through the summer, a selection of works from the following artists will be on display:

Stephan Canthal; Wendy Crabb; Byran Elliott; W.B. Fontenot; Jude Griebel; Kim Kimbro; Dan Madigan; Peter Myerson; Miguel Osuna; Jerome Prieur; Thea Saks Susan Schiesser; Jackie Stanton; Alex Storm; Wiley Wallace; Carol Westwood and Rimi Yang.

Cella Gallery
5229 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601
[email protected]

— photo and review by Pauline Adamek

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