“Love, Connie” is back to creep out your Valentine’s weekend

“Love, Connie” is back to creep out your Valentine’s weekend

Love Connie


She’s baaaaaaaaack! Love, Connie — that drag show with a difference created by and starring John Cantwell — is back for another weekend at Silverlake’s Casita del Campo’s intimate subterranean Cavern Club deathtrap – I mean theater.

Cantwell’s up-beat multimedia dance comedy thriller is a fun evening of entertainment that mashes faux noir movie scenes with live performance, featuring energetic flashdancing, pageantry and more!

John Cantwell stars as Connie, a loveable, blonde-wigged and hirsute heroine, prone to executing impressive high-kicks in platform heels.

The entire show is basically a love letter to her fans and a full-on dancefest set to raucous 80s pop tunes such as B-52’s chirpy Housework and snippets of tracks by Prince, Blackeyed Peas, Pointer Sisters and Herbie Hancock. The choreography is just fantastic – this six-foot tall bloke has got the moves! – and a costume highlight is a fab red, white & blue bikini complete with red tassels where it counts. Turns out this eye-catching little number is a vintage collectible from the Kathy Ireland collection for Target. Stylin’!

Love, Connie - All photos credit:  Loretta Ramos

The dance numbers are interspersed with funny fake advertisements, as voiced by someone with a plummy British accent, and we also see further scenes of these sinister projected mini-movies. It transpires that the black-wigged stalker chick Bambi (Kelly Mantle) has evil designs on Connie’s precious white cat, Vickie.

Lightning-speed costume changes and high-energy dance routines keep the slightly demented Connie on her toes and Cantwell maintains a cracking pace. Love, Connie runs for barely 50 minutes, but that leaves plenty of time for killer margaritas in the buzzy upstairs bar.

Molly Cranna co-stars as the shapely cat “Vickie”, complete with kitten mask and anatomically correct white suit. She performs a sweet pas de deux with Connie, set to Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger,” and this sequence accompanies pre-taped flashback to when Connie adopted her beloved kitty.

Refreshingly, the only dialogue in this hilarious evening is an on-screen chunk of exposition, venomously snarled by our villain Bambi as she explains her deadly motivation. The gorgeous Kelly Mantle clearly relishes her dastardly role. Incidentally, Cantwell has also appeared in campy, fun movies such as Legally Blonde, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

By the way, the mini-movie, directed by Michael Bodie, is beautifully done. Apparently filmed on the streets and staircases of Silver Lake, it was shot in less than two days.

The mood of this spooky little drama was inspired by music and scenes from all the best psycho thrillers, including Dressed to Kill, Sisters, Body Double, Cape Fear, Friday the 13th, White Dog, Psycho, Exorcist 2: The Heretic. Cantwell says he focused mostly on the superb musical scores of Ennio Morricone, Pino Donaggio and Bernard Herrmann and if you’re especially perceptive, you might even hear snatches of music reminiscent of the haunting melodies from Klute by composer Michael Small.

With its emphasis on bubbly fun, Love, Connie is such a tonic! Especially for this Sydney girl – the show was a real blast from the past. I just didn’t realize how much I had been missing my hometown, birthplace of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert, and the drag shows of Oxford Street. Pure enjoyment!

Cantwell is a consummate performer who gives his all and had the enthusiastic and vocally appreciative audience in the palm of his hand.

Be advised, however – this is a risque performance, featuring suggestive groping and scandalous simulated broomstick penetration. Also the basement cave ‘theatre’ setting is not suitable for claustrophobes.

But Love, Connie is as funny as hell! Don’t miss this riotous show!

Movie info:

The short film sequences were shot on the Panasonic HPX-170, which is a small HD digital camera that shoots to P2 cards.

Old film-style visual effects (such as scratches, dust and flash frames) were added in post using Final Cut Pro plug-in filters.

Director – Michael Bodie

Executive Producer – Bryan Fuller

Producer – Loretta Ramos

Screenwriter – John Cantwell

Cinematographer – Lisa Wiegand

Camera Operator – Reza Tabrizi

Makeup – David DeLeon & Molly Cranna

Editor – David Kittredge

Original Music Editor – DJ Shyboy

Additional Music Editor – Mr. Dan

Graphic Design – Nubar

Photography by Gabriel Goldberg

Acting by John Cantwell and Kelly Mantle.

Love, Connie runs until THIS WEEKEND O N L Y, with performances on Friday, February 11th and Saturday, February 12th, 2011.

Show starts at 9:00 PM

B O N U S appearance–

Sunday, February 13th,

*** Sunday show starts at 8:00 PM ***

Tickets are $15.00 (cheap!) — purchase here

Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre at the Casita Del Campo Restaurant
1920 Hyperion Ave,

Silver Lake, CA 90027
Phone: (323) 969-2530

FB page

Review by Pauline Adamek

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