Spy vs Spy in the House of Love — ‘This Means War’ film review

Spy vs Spy in the House of Love — ‘This Means War’ film review

Dumb fun and loads of laughs, the new action-comedy movie This Means War is a slick, savvy and crowd-pleasing thrill ride. It’s a glossy and handsome, high-concept and lavishly filmed perfect-Hollywood-date-movie that is sure to take some serious box office during this Valentine’s week and beyond.

McG (of Charlie’s Angels fame) directs Chris Pine (best known as Captain Kirk from the recent Star Trek reboot), Tom Hardy (the hottest young actor from London) and the adorably sexy Reese Witherspoon in this thoroughly modern romantic comedy that pits two covert CIA operatives and best friends against each other as they vie for the attentions of the same gorgeous woman. Meanwhile, a vengeful Euro-criminal is gunning for the guys.

That’s basically the entire movie’s slim storyline, and it works exceptionally well. Add the reliably menacing Til Schweiger as the lead villain plus the hilarious and occasionally gross Chelsea Handler to the mix as Reese’s character’s BFF and you have a very witty, laugh-out-loud movie experience. Unlike Tom Cruise’s recent and dismal attempt to merge action with sexy comedy in Knight & Day, This Means War relegates the (albeit superb) action sequences somewhat to the background of the romantic battle between the two handsome best mates.

McG directs the high-octane action like none other, but he also handles the interpersonal scenes and the comedic beats beautifully.

The director definitely walks a safe line, though. The movie is sexy without being raunchy, action-packed without being too violent and there’s enough fresh and funny moments to truly warrant calling this movie a comedy. Also, I think the only swear word was a well-placed “shit!”

Best of all, This Means War is packed with a gorgeous, good-looking young cast (the three main leads each have devastatingly piercing blue eyes) who are each lit and clothed to show off their best assets at all times. And if you didn’t know what a petite and rockin’ bod Ms Witherspoon has, you’ll certainly know it by the end of this movie. Those long and shapely legs of hers go for miles!

Eye candy abounds in This Means War — opening this weekend in Los Angeles cinemas nationwide.

Pauline Adamek

Pauline Adamek is a Los Angeles-based arts enthusiast with twenty-five years' experience covering International Film Festivals and reviewing new Theatre, Film and Restaurants.


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