Theater review for LA Weekly – “I was a Cellist in the Marching Band.”

Dear readers, this week’s theater review for the LA Weekly is of a mildly humorous reading by Sherry Netherlandfrom her book, “I was a Cellist in the Marching Band.

One performance remains at the Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre in Burbank, this Sunday night.

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I was a Cellist in the Marching Band

Drawing on her stand up roots as well as her book, solo performer Sherry Netherland relates a string of mildly humorous, self-deprecating true stories that display her affable idiosyncrasies and general “cluelessness.”

Reading from papers behind a music stand, with a handheld mic to her lips, Netherland’s relaxed and confident delivery sells the quirky tales that touch on everything from growing up with a butch Mom and a Dad who loved show tunes (outwardly “gay” yet hetero parents) to decoding date signals to a rumination on the mysterious alacrity and demise of lesbian relationships. She occasionally alludes to – but omits – a handful of the presumably juicier tales.

During a handful of pleasant song interludes, Netherland strums her ukulele prettily, at one instance urging a sing along to the refrain of “I Hate People, Don’t You?” Less than successful is a “Rap song for people who read,” where she dons a blingy medallion and newsboy cap over her spiky hair, then finds rhymes for words such as “quotidian.”


I Was a Cellist in the Marching Band

Written and performed by Sherry Netherland.

Sundays only through April 29, 2012.


(818) 763-599

Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre,

10900 Burbank Blvd.,

North Hollywood.




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