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Torrid tales of tinseltown and romance that they didn’t want you to see!

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater (aka CAPT) presents the Forbidden Love Show at the historic El Cid for *one night only* Sunday, March 9 2014.

Spend the night at El Cid by enjoying vintage tales from the dark side of Hollywood and romance – uncensored and LIVE!

The CAPT crew will be showcasing live performances of stories pulled from vintage, mid-century romance comic books all within their signature variety show / old radio show style. But these aren’t heart-warming tales – these are the comic book love stories that were banned for being too racy!! Along with multi-media comic book performances, the evening includes comedic acts, prizes and the finest live music.

 Captured Aural Phantasy Theater brings you naughty, uncensored entertainment!

On March 9, you can be regaled with torrid tales while enjoying stiff drinks and food from El Cid.

The Forbidden Love Show is the first in CAPT’s new Seduction of the Innocent miniseries that honors an important time in the history of comic books. Named for the the title of the famous book that indicted the comics industry in 1954, the series will consist of monthly shows that highlight those depraved comics once deemed harmful to kids.

April 21 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Senate hearings that led to the years-long censorship of comics. This spring, the CAPT crew are planning on interpreting and re-staging those hearings, but leading up to that, during their monthly shows at El Cid, they will be featuring all those comics that were called out for being a bad influence on kids.

Also, as a bonus, audiences will be able to shop at the all-new Phantasy Faire before the Forbidden Love Show. Vendors who specialize in geeky merchandise and collectibles—everything from old comics to superhero crafts—will be selling their wares on the El Cid patio. Think of it as a nerdy Farmer’s Market! Hopefully this will become a monthly destination event for LA’s groovy geek culture.

CAPT will be re-staging this historic event with a special theatrical performance later in the spring. In the meantime, get the back story and enjoy their “bad influence” at El Cid.

All the cool kids are doin’ it.

The Forbidden Love Show.

Where:                         El Cid

4212 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90029

When:                        Sunday, March 9, 2014


They always start the show at 8:30pm, but doors open at 7:30pm so audiences can start enjoying El Cid’s brand new tapas menu and superb cocktails.

Get there early to grab a good seat!

Cost:            $10.00 at the door (cheap!) or purchase here or here or at the venue here.


*NEW* this season—shop before the show at the Phantasy Faire!

Join local vendors on the El Cid patio and peruse everything geek and chic in their very own version of a nerdy farmer’s market.

Enjoy a variety show, music and booze!


This is a BIG year for us! The 2013-2014 season celebrates Captured Aural Phantasy Theater’s 5th Anniversary in Los Angeles. However, we have been playing with the pop culture-variety-show / comic book-radio-show-style medium for over 10 years. We’ve been featured at many renowned venues including Comic-con International in San Diego, the Alexandria Hotel, i/O West, The Bootleg, the Velaslavasay Panorama and the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics.

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater combines the art, drama and comedy of a vintage radio program with the live entertainment of a variety show. In our signature show format, CAPT players interpret thematic comic books and other pop culture nuggets in the style of a retro radio program along with musical acts, projected art and comedic bits. With this perfect blend of variety, radio, cabaret, and multimedia performance, Captured Aural Phantasy Theater aims to entertain all your senses.

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is what would happen if Garrison Keilor, John Waters and Stan Lee all hooked up after a night of hard partying. Shows are built around performances of vintage pop culture gems, but our specialty is giving old comic books a modern voice. Our retro-influenced variety show features real cultural artifacts of Americana interpreted for 21st-Century audiences.

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is a group dedicated to producing high-quality live, filmed and recorded entertainment; bred in Chicago, but in LA to stay.

We never fail to entertain! Here’s a little of what “they” are saying:

The Word on the Street:

• “Park your time machine on Sunset and join these retro revivalists for a unique variety show that’s sure to impress funny book fans of every era.”

-Geek Chic Daily

• “An intoxicating mix of pre-Lichtenstein comic book stories…an evening that fueled me, resuscitated me when I was a mere flat line…”

-Eye Spy LA

• “Featured Event”


• “I’ve seen…their shows. So awesome! Can’t wait to see them again.”

-Comic Book Resources

•”The gang at Captured Aural Phantasy has crafted something uniquely wonderful.”

-LA Weekly

“I highly recommend this show. Go see them now! You will be so happy you found them and you will become a loyal fan and want to see all their shows!”


LA Downtown News “Don’t Miss” List!

Featured in LA Weekly’s “GO LA!”,  RECOMMENDED by Eye Spy LA! & MTV APPROVED.


The Cast:

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is the original comic book / radio / variety show based right here in LA for over 5 years!

Consisting of a group of super-talented, experienced performers, writers, visual artists, and filmmakers, the troupe includes:

Ben Dickow – Producer and director, who also lectures on the history of comics at Otis College

Laurel Robinson – Singer and Musical Director

Adrien Biondo – Musician and cabaret singer

Nicole Ortega – Producer and star of “Police Chicks”

Josh Hickman – Recording artist and member of the instrumental surf band “The Noble Gasses”

Michael Uribes – Veteran of the Los Angeles theater circuit and various TV appearances

Jim Meade – Song Writer and co-leader of the duo “Quinn’s Uncles”

Peter Wylie – Stage Manager, Assistant Producer and our resident Master of Theatrical Performance

Andres Loera – Audio/Visual Artist









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