“All About E” Indie film review

“All About E” Indie film review

A Lebanese-Australian DJ grapples with her career dreams, identity and relationships in All About E, an Australian indie feature film from writer/director Louise Wadley.

When we first meet E — the movie’s alluring central character, played by Mandahla Rose — we see a successful woman who has it all. E is a popular music DJ at a hot dance club and enjoys the attention of her adoring fans. Her best friend and manager Matt (Brett Rogers) tolerates her selfish behavior. But beneath E’s confident veneer is a troubled woman who’s closeted about both her sexuality and ethnicity. When E and her GBF (gay best friend Matt) stumble upon a large bag of cash, they end up running for their lives — hoping for sanctuary with one of E’s former girlfriends Trish (Julia Billington).

Fun and sexy right from the beginning, All About E captures the excitement of the Sydney club scene before it veers into road movie territory. Writer/director Louise Wadley achieves a light tone and vivacious sense of humor, with some serious themes of identity struggle underpinning the story. She also deftly juggles a sophisticated storyline that’s a sexy romp meets a crime thriller meets a road trip with romance as the payoff. It’s all nicely told, with the occasional flashback to fill in some backstory. An erotic scene, tastefully filmed, demonstrates that the passion between E and her ex Trish hasn’t dimmed.

The film is gorgeously filmed by DOP Justine Kerrigan and features a series of well-chosen locations — everything from panoramic postcard views of Sydney to the industry of Wollongong to the picturesque vastness of the sunburned countryside.

The haunting score by composer Basil Hogios employs mournful and pretty clarinet themes, imparting an ethnic flavor to underpin E’s struggle with her cultural identity.

It’s great to see a movie that takes us on the journey of a flawed yet appealing heroine. A complex character, she’s street tough and tri trenabol capable, enterprising and musically gifted. Deeply closeted and extra selfish, E grapples with cultural and identity issues and ultimately learns to be true to herself and follow her own path.

All About E is a product of the Outfest Screenwriting Lab.

All About E is available for viewing across all digital platforms including iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and, and is also available on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers.

Bonus features include a behind-the-scenes featurette with the director and actors.

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