50th Anniversary Celebration of Family Theatre at SM Playhouse

Critically acclaimed Family Theatre Musical Matinee Series continues its 50th anniversary celebration at Santa Monica Playhouse with the return of the swingin’, toe-tapping musical comedy Barnyard Madness with the Three Little Pigs, an all-singing, all-dancing, delightful re-imagining of The Three Little Pigs, playing weekend afternoons April 18, 2020 through June 28, 2020.

Barnyard Madness is a zany 1940s boogie-woogie romp and toe-tapping, finger-snapping musical comedy that follows the romantic antics and show business aspirations of the singing McPig Sisters and their wolverine admirers, proving once and for all that true friendship does not depend on size, color, background, nationality or even “species.” A cross between “Grand Ole Opry,” “The Three Little Pigs,” and drawing from all the happy moments of “Romeo & Juliet,” Barnyard Madness returns to celebrate the Santa Monica Playhouse award-winning Family Theatre Musical Matinee Series that cut across the imaginary generation gap by providing an experience that the entire family can enjoy.

Barnyard Madness follows the three singin’ McPig sisters as they try to keep the doors open to their family musical cafe Porky’s, all while keeping the wolf from the door (figuratively and literally!) But McPig sister Magnolia seems to have been wooed by her wolverine admirer, Lou P., with dreams of success in the biz! Can the McPig sisters trust the Wolfmans? Can wolves and pigs find camaraderie among each other, and perhaps even true love? Come on down and help the swingin’ McPig sisters save their beloved Porky’s cafe and discover that love and friendship don’t depend on anything but what’s in your heart.
Barnyard Madness introduces audiences to the exciting American rhythms and culture of the late 1940s through the use of colorful musical numbers and detailed costumes created by award-winning designer Ashley Hayes. Acclaimed designer James Cooper’s set – a delightful 40s diner festooned with a collection of more than 100 vintage piggies of all shapes and sizes – alone is worth the price of admission. Delightful audience participation and a sprinkling of puns and word play adds an extra pig-me-up to the overall enjoyment of this rib-tickling piece of musical theatre.

Written by the award-winning creative team of Chris DeCarlo and Evelyn Rudie, directed by Graham Silbert from original direction by Chris DeCarlo, Barnyard Madness features Tiffany Haile, Taylor Korsak, Ashley Kowalski, Joseph Perez, and Graham Silbert.

Family Theatre founders and Playhouse Co-Artistic Directors DeCarlo and Rudie have made a commitment to awaken today’s screen-oriented youngsters to the wonder and engagement of a live theatre experience they can truly call their own, and to foster the awareness and appreciation of live theatre in audiences of all ages both as play-goers and as play-makers.

For 50 years, the Playhouse Family Theatre Musical Matinee Series has been presenting adaptations of classic stories, histories and legends 52 weeks a year, giving audiences of all generations the chance to learn from each other and offering an entertaining and educational experience for children of all ages. 

Since its inception in 1969, the Santa Monica Playhouse Family Theatre Series has entertained close to a million audience members at its arts complex in Santa Monica. 

“The power of theatre magic on all of us can be attested to by the ever-growing number of completely adult people who bring their children to the Family Theatre shows and insist on staying themselves. We now see three and even four generations of Family Theatre fans spending the afternoon together at the Playhouse.”

playwright DeCarlo.

Barnyard Madness with the Three Little Pigs 

Written by Chris DeCarlo & Evelyn Rudie, directed by Graham Silbert from original direction by Chris DeCarlo
Featuring features Tiffany Haile, Taylor Korsak, Ashley Kowalski, Joseph Perez, and Graham Silbert
Set design by James Cooper
Costume design by Ashley Hayes
Lighting and Sound design by The Attic Room

Santa Monica Playhouse    

1211 4th Street (between Wilshire & Arizona)    

Santa Monica, CA 90401-1391

Getting there via Public transportation: take the Santa Monica Blue Bus or the LA Metro Rapid #720 and exit at 4th and Wilshire, or take the new Metro Expo line to 4th and Colorado or take the new Metro Expo line to 4th and Colorado. 

Performances: Saturdays at 2:00pm and Sundays at 12:30pm, April 18, 2020 through June 28, 2020
ADMISSION: $12.50 for children (12 and under); $15.00 for adults. Call about prices for the special Birthday and Tea Parties, available in conjunction with every performance. 

Reservations are necessary. Call the Playhouse Box Office at 1-310-394-9779 ext 2 or reserve online here.   

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