Grimm Tales at Cella Gallery

Art block party on Weddington!  Saturday, October 8th, 8-11pm.

The Brothers Grimm’s collection of dark folktales serves as inspiration for this unique group exhibition featuring artists:  Cory Benhatzel and Steven Daily, with additional work by Marisa Cody, Wendy Crabb, Paul D’Elia, W.B. Fontenot, Ashley Fontenot, Amber K. Johnson, Kim Kimbro, Ohgier, Thea Saks and Wiley Wallace.

Originally published in 1812, Grimm’s Fairy Tales are magical, scary, comedic and often violent journeys that well reflect the capricious and cruel times in which the Brothers Grimm lived.  Although the original tales underlie much of what we are familiar with today in children’s literature and cinema (it can be argued that the entire history of the Disney company is of Grimm’s influence), the exhibit draws more from the original work than from the softened versions most are familiar with now.

Without sparing viewers from the dark originations of the tales, artists Cory Benhatzel and Steven Daily, deftly interpret many of our most cherished stories from childhood.  Each artist, in their own distinct style, have created hauntingly beautiful paintings that without words, communicate clearly the frightening consequences of disobeying your Stepmother, laying a cruel hand on a helpless creature, or simply walking off the dark forest path.

The exhibition also features a unique group show of work applied directly to the outside covers and bindings of Grimmʼs Fairy Tale books. Artists include Marisa Cody, Wendy Crabb, Paul DʼElia, WB Fontenot, Ashley Fontenot, Amber Johnson, Kim Kimbro, Thea Saks, Wiley Wallace and more.


About the Artists:

Cory Louise Benhatzel aka “Cory Lou” earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art & Design. Benhatzel’s artistic love has always been painting and drawing, but has also tried her hand at tattooing, photography, experimental video and art gallery work. Benhatzel finds inspiration through natural references in the forms of skulls, birds and flowers, which she carefully draws onto wooden boards. Then, through meticulous, thinly applied layers of acrylic paint, a glowing, almost three-dimensional quality is achieved. Benhatzel’s unique style emerges through the techniques of translucent watercolor and opaque acrylic painting. Benhatzel’s work has been shown extensively throughout the United States. This is her first show with Cella Gallery.

Steven Daily painted a ribbon of bows and a track of scars across North America during his formative years. It was during these years that his passion for art was sparked and began to flourish. After attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Daily took it upon himself to develop a style as individual to the world as he was. Graffiti played an enormous role in his learning, teaching him patience as well as color theory and composition. Some of the astonishing entities that have shared Dailyʼs dreams and nightmares include Disney, Lucas Arts, Sony, Dark Horse Comics, Slave Labor Graphics and HBO. Daily’s paintings are emotionally evocative and his sizeable body of work has been shown in numerous galleries nationwide.


An artist’s reception on Saturday, October 8th, 8-11pm is being held at their Main Gallery location.


The whole block will be hosting art events as well!


Grimm Tales


Cella Gallery

11135 Weddington St. #112

North Hollywood CA 91601


Exhibition is on view October 8th – November 12th


Gallery Hours:

Open daily – Call ahead 213-291-7908 as their hours are irregular.




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