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New LA Weekly theatre review

Dear Readers, This week’s theatre review for the LA Weekly is of Daisy’s Foote’s melancholy domestic drama, Bhutan. It’s playing now until November 22, 2011 at Rogue Machine Theatre, on Pico Blvd...

Retro and charming — The Artist

Smarmy, charming Jean Dujardin perfectly embodies the persona of a charismatic silent movie star, playing George Valentin in writer-director Michel Hazanavicius’ audacious silent black and white movie The Artist. It’s a...

Elegant and vicious – Drive

  An outsider’s love letter to L.A., Drive is a dreamy, elusive romance stained with scenes of explosive violence. Young heartthrob of the moment Ryan Gosling stars as one of those mysterious anti-heroes you...

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